I miss you so much . - 英文签名 2017-10-13更新

I miss you so much . - 英文签名 2017-10-13更新

日期: 2017-10-13人气:

  1. are you love me?

  2. You how long? 你多长?

  3. I’m Trapped 我被困住了

  4. I wil always love you!

  5. If love, please cherish.

  6. You are the one [你是唯一]

  7. L am short you.but you has she

  8. You are in my heart.你在我心里

  9. I will always be with you.....

  10. I want someone to hug me like this

  11. I miss you so much . [17QQ原创]

  12. 1 2 3 we are one!我们是exo-f(fans)!

  13. Wait for you, start again 等到你,再出发

  14. things do not change.we change 物是人非。

  15. Time cures all wounds (时间治愈所有创伤)

  16. You lied to me this woman.你骗了我这个女人。

  17. I think--I think too much. 我想,是我想太多了。

  18. 如果别人以后再说 “你咬我啊” 就回一句 “虎毒不食子.

  19. I love you,So I care about you(我爱你,所以我关心你)

  20. I love you for my life past. 我爱你,爱了整整一个曾经。

  21. Thought is already the late,exactly is the earlist time.

  22. For you, I can put aside all the.(为了你,我可以放下所有)

  23. Wait till the morning time translation etc 等不到天亮等时光

  24. I love you not for who you are, but for who I am before you.

  25. My world, I know a person's good. 我的世界,我一个人懂就好。

  26. -Their love is so hard but they can make it ,why can‘t we?

  27. I miss you so much .

  28. we loved each other and were ignorant,我们曾经相爱却浑然不知。

  29. [Just as one wishes to live up to you.] 岂能尽如人意但求无愧于你

  30. Delay is the deadliest form of denial. 拖延其实就是最彻底的拒绝。

  31. I deeply love you and you do not know [我深爱你人是你而你却不知道]

  32. The more you care,the more you have to lose(在乎的越多,失去的越多)

  33. you remenber all the people only leaveme(你记得了所有人 唯独忘了我)

  34. I only know I try, even if no results.{我只知道我努力了,即使没有结果。}

  35. Choose their own way, kneels must also walk (自己选的路,跪着也要走完 )

  36. Love remained short,but the memory lasts long.(爱那么短,遗忘那么长。)

  37. No one indebted for others,while many people don't know how to cherish others.

  38. Always is not a movie played out [常伴不是一场电影演完就散]英文签名

  39. And then deep memory, also has forgotten the day . 再深的记忆,也有淡忘的一天。

  40. Sorry,I forgot.You don’t need me anymore. 对不起,我忘了,你已经不再需要我了。

  41. Happiness is when the desolated soul meets love——幸福是孤寂的灵魂遭遇爱的邂逅。

  42. 你笑得迷离我看不清你的表情 You laugh blurred I might see you of facial expression

  43. Time consumed, we had no initial enthusiasm.[时光消耗殆尽,我们早已没了当初的热情]

  44. Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.与其诅咒黑暗,不如燃起蜡烛。

  45. We are all in the gutter,but some of us look at stars.(我们都生活在阴沟里,但仍有人仰望星空)

  46. Even broke hearts, heart is the man, and that is love. 就算伤透了心,心里还是那人,这便是爱情。

  47. The incomplete love dopes is ripping the heart check lung's pain(不完整的爱掺杂着撕心裂肺般的痛楚 )

  48. But if we're always whining all the time, are we really living effectively? (要知道意思,去挨愛詞霸

  49. /yxq/Your finger is drawing the circle in the behind, lets your deep love he should among the center

  50. There are two realms of life, is a kind of pain and silent, the other one is smiling without a word.

  51. You do not cherish, I will go, even if I like you very much你不珍惜,我就会走,即使我很喜欢你英文签名

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